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A complete range ofroofing services in Mount Vernon

Whether you are looking for a new roof, an upgrade, emergency roofing repairs, or gutter and siding installation, My Roof Pro is available in the Mount Vernon region to fulfill any roof system requirement and offers many other exterior maintenance services.

Roofing - Chimneys - Siding - Gutters

Offering experienced roofing services for either residential or commercial properties that include built-up and sloped roofing; metal or asphalt roof repairs, or a modern installation of an ecological green roof; count on our professional team to provide the perfect combination of traditional workmanship along with advanced roofing technology.

My Roof Pro:Comprehensive roofing services

With years of dedicated service in the Mount Vernon region, My Roof Pro offers:

  1. Residential roofing and repair
  2. Commercial roofing and repair
  3. EPDM roofing systems
  4. Flat roofs
  5. Green roofs
  6. Shingle roofing
  7. White membrane roofing
  8. Residential metal roofing
  9. Commercial and industrial metal roofing
  10. Chimney maintenance services
  11. Siding installation
  12. Gutter maintenance and installation
  13. Window
  14. Ventilation/Insulation

The first choice for commercial property managers and residential homeowners, My Roof Pro installs any type of roof system for any type of building in Mount Vernon. Trust our experienced specialists to provide peace of mind and solid protection with advanced roofing systems and reliable and friendly customer service.

We provide honest assessments and complete each roofing project on time, and on budget. Flexible enough to handle entirely new installations for a large industrial project, or a simple residential roof leak repair, My Roof Pro is a one-stop shop for all roofing and exterior maintenance needs.

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